Monday, August 3, 2009


MASEY IS TAKIN OVER TODAYY!!!! so yes we all know this one will be amazinggggggg!! so lets get startedd :)


kendall and dad, they look like they are about to leave earthh and go to heaven!!

the usual shopping

the awesome security guard!! he was dancin to my dads fav. rap song "icecream paint job"

kendall, being her naturally odd self, she got some weird stares after this onee

me and kendall being angels while my dad is trying to take our pic in line :)

on top of the empire state building!! i have got no idea what it is but its really tall!!! and the guy that took this pic was so funny! he didnt know how to work a digtail camera, poor dude :(

kendall and me, aka the perfect childrenn!

kendall put herself in timeout, she hit me!

the statue of liberity is alot smaller in person!

in the middle of times squaree! we had to retake this like a million times cuz either we werent ready or someone was in the wayy!

i was gettin boredd and hungeyy on the bus :) my dad told us to smile and this is what happend :)

this was taken on the bus tour out of bordism and randomisodity, and this is how it turned out! my dad didnt even know we were takin the pic! hah!

boredd in the storee, kendall was goin up and i was goin down! the people that worked there probally thought that we were weird tourist

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